**Nominee for Best Short Play, New York Independent Theatre Awards**

"Pensive and incisive"  - Martin Denton,


parish dunkeld

“The play explores the genesis of democratic society which we moderns have come to take more or less for granted. … [W]hen the past’s answers to life’s questions are no longer valid, the messy, confusing and very human chore of finding new answers in a world torn apart are excruciatingly difficult… Parish Dunkeld’s strength comes from the playwright’s ability to avoid a quick and too easy resolution… It is a thinking person’s art, not merely an evening’s entertainment.”  

-  Philadelphia Gay News


the changeling (a musical for children)

This fairytale is quite wonderful. Although it obviously draws inspiration from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, the story is unique and engaging. The plot turns out to be surprisingly unpredictable and profound in a way that is unusual for children's theatre. All of the characters are well-developed and yet simple enough for children to identify with and understand … [C]hildren of all ages were held captivated throughout the entire production.”  

- The Off-Off Broadway Review

“Once upon a time, long before Disney, fairies weren't always benevolent creatures. They were conniving, manipulative tricksters who would just as soon turn you into a donkey as grant your dearest wish.  ‘The Changeling,’ from Vital Children's Theater, revives this tradition with a midsummer night's adventure involving fairies even naughtier than Puck..for children who prefer their fairies with more spice than gossamer…  [T]he show does have a fairy-tale ending, but not everyone lives happily ever after -- just those who deserve to.”  

- Laurel Graeber, The New York Times


the nastiest drink in the world (a musical for children)

**Winner of the Anna Zornio Award for Children's Playwriting** 

“[T]his hourlong interactive musical gives children special satisfaction: telling grown-ups they're wrong. It's also funny for adults,”  

“Making a mistake is easy. Admitting it is less so. A lot less….Such is the crisis in the aptly named kingdom of Baloneya, where the king, a wizard named Fredipus, makes serious errors…and his three sycophantic courtiers are afraid to tell him the truth. … [P]lucky Samantha proposes a challenge for Fredipus: that they concoct the nastiest drink ever. If his three stooges pronounce it delicious, he will have to admit that they've been lying about his perfection. Children are thrilled to suggest the ingredients. ''Toilet water,'' my son shouted -- and he didn't mean what you buy at the perfume counter.”  

-  Laurel Graeber, The New York Times